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How to solve problems of plastic filament extruder machine

For the failure of the plastic filament extruding machine , you can try the following solutions:

1. Check that the power supply and wires are properly connected, and make sure the power switch is turned on.
2. Check the machine for foreign objects such as plastic chips or other debris, remove them.
3. Check the machine for loose parts or bolts and tighten them if necessary.
4. Check the drive system of the machine, such as belts for wear or looseness, and replace or adjust if necessary.
5. Check the heating system of the machine, such as whether the heater is working properly, if not, it needs to be repaired or replaced.
6. Check whether the control panel and sensors of the machine are working normally, and repair or replace them if they are not normal.
7. If you are not sure the cause of the failure, you can refer to the user manual of the machine, or contact professional maintenance personnel for help.

How to solve problems of plastic filament extruder machine

Why does my extruder keep jamming?

There are several possible reasons why the extruder is stuck:

1. Plastic material temperature is too high: If the material temperature of the extruder is too high, it is easy to cause the plastic to stick to the barrel or die during extrusion, causing jamming. The solution is to reduce the material temperature of the extruder to ensure that it is operating within the appropriate temperature range.
2. Excessive build-up in the barrel: Excessive plastic build-up in the extruder barrel can cause clogging, causing the extruder to jam. The solution is to periodically clean out the barrel to make sure there isn’t an excessive buildup of plastic inside.
3. Bad Die: Improper die design or a damaged die can cause the extruder to jam. Check if the die head needs to be replaced or repaired to make sure it is working properly.
4. Blockage in the extruder flow path: A blockage of plastic in the flow path of the extruder can be the cause of the sticking. Clean the extruder flow channel to ensure it is unobstructed.
5. Inaccurate pressure control: Inaccurate pressure control of the extruder may cause difficulty in material transportation and cause jamming. Check and adjust the pressure control of the extruder to make it within the proper range.
6. Aged or worn parts: If the parts of the extruder such as the screw are aged or worn, it will affect the normal transportation of the material and cause it to get stuck. Inspect and replace worn parts to ensure proper operation.

It is important to note that there can be many reasons for an extruder to get stuck, and each extruder may be different. If the specific cause and solution cannot be determined, it is recommended to consult professional maintenance personnel for inspection and repair.

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