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Several shipments to different countries

Along with order increasing, we get more and more cooperation opportunity from Africa market, Middle east market, Russia market etc. From May to Aug. 2023, we load containers for 5 customers. The shipments include plastic broom filament extruding machine line, plastic PET PE rope production complete line , plastic paint brush filament extruding line.   

Several shipments to different countries

Since the beginning of this year, overseas demand has picked up significantly, and many companies have placed orders in hand for several months. Experts believe that the stable and positive momentum of my country’s foreign trade is expected to continue.

Foreign trade orders increased more than expected

“Our orders in hand have been scheduled for production after June, and new orders are still increasing. European customers are urging us to deliver the goods, demanding that the delivery time be shortened from 45 days to 20 days.” General Manager of Yiwu Ouchi Import and Export Co., Ltd. Manager Liu Mingyang said that since the beginning of this year, the European and American markets have continued to recover, and orders from Southeast Asia have also increased beyond expectations.

Ou Chi Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a microcosm of many foreign trade enterprises. The reporter learned from research that since February this year, foreign trade orders have increased more than expected, many enterprises are producing at full capacity, and even labor shortages have occurred.

At present, the leading indicators of cross-border trade have picked up, and the good momentum of my country’s foreign trade recovery is expected to continue.

Zhang Kuo, president of Ali International Station, said that the monitoring indicators of Ali International Station show that since February this year, the trend of external demand pick-up has been obvious. Consumption in the European and American markets began to pick up, and the demand for non-consumer goods such as building materials and machinery in Southeast Asia and the Middle East grew rapidly.

“Based on the factors of the Spring Festival, we have split and adjusted the import and export data for the first two months of this year. The adjustment results show that there are obvious signs of rushing to export before the Spring Festival, which also objectively reflects the reality of companies rushing to production.” Shenwan Hongyuan senior Macro analyst Tu Qiang said that the supply shock that has significantly suppressed my country’s exports will quickly ease as the epidemic is effectively controlled. It is expected that my country’s export growth rate is expected to start a round of recovery.

Lv Daliang, director of the Statistical Analysis Department of the General Administration of Customs, said earlier that after entering February, the overall trend of my country’s imports and exports has improved, especially in the second half of February, when there was a significant increase. The monitoring of relevant leading indicators shows that this good momentum is expected to continue.

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