What is plastic broom filament machine

Plastic broom filament drawing machine is a kind of equipment specially used for drawing plastic materials into filaments. It usually consists of machine frame, motor, drawing head and control system.

Using the plastic broom wire drawing machine, the plastic granules or bulk plastic materials can be pushed to the drawing head part through the process of heating, melting and extruding. Under the action of the wire drawing head, the plastic material goes through a series of stretching, cooling and wire drawing operations, and finally forms a filament.  

What is plastic broom filament machine

The operation process of plastic broom wire drawing machine usually includes the following steps:

1. Material preparation: Put plastic granules or block plastic materials into the feeding port of the machine.
2. Heating and melting: The plastic material is heated to a molten state by a heating system for subsequent extrusion.
3. Extrusion: Through the motor and extrusion mechanism, the molten plastic material is pushed to the drawing head.
4. Wire drawing process: Under the action of the wire drawing head, the plastic material is stretched and gradually cooled to form filaments.
5. Cutting and collection: the drawn plastic filaments are cut, collected and packaged through the collection system.

The plastic broom wire drawing machine can adjust the drawing speed, temperature and stretching degree according to different needs, so as to obtain plastic filaments of different diameters and qualities. It is widely used in broom manufacturing, brush manufacturing and other fields that require plastic filament materials.

What is the best broom to remove dust?

The best brooms for removing dust usually have soft bristles and a sturdy broom. Here are a few commonly used broom types:

1. Wool broom: The wool bristles are soft and can effectively absorb dust and fine particles without damaging the floor or furniture surface.
2. Microfiber Broom: The microfiber material has great absorbent properties for quick and thorough removal of dust and dirt.
3. Bristle brooms: Bristle brooms are usually made with stiff bristles and are suitable for outdoor use or for removing larger dirt and litter.
4. Angled broom: The angled broom has angled bristles for easier removal of dust from corners and edges.
5. Electrostatic broom: The electrostatic broom adopts the principle of electrostatic adsorption, which can effectively attract and capture dust, and is suitable for cleaning floors, carpets and furniture surfaces.

The best broom choice depends on the surface being cleaned and personal preference. When choosing a broom, consider the bristle material, broom quality and comfort to find the best type of broom.

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