PET Broom Filament Making Machine

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PET broom filament making machine can be used to produce round monofilament with 100% recycled PET bottle flakes. The filament is used to make different kinds plastic brooms, brushes with multifuction.

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PET broom filament making machine is also named as PET broom fiber making machine, PET broom bristle extruding line, PET filament machine for plastic broom etc. The machine line designed by our company can produce different diameter broom filament according to your actual needs. Meanwhile, the filament could be straight, crimped, solid, hollow, flaggable, non-flaggable with our mature technology support.

Because of its good properties, good folding resistance and hygienic and safe, low production cost of 100% PET recycled raw material, PET filament has widely usage to be processed into different kinds cleaning brooms and brushes.

We supply several different models according to different raw materials and productivity requirements as following.

>>Model Parameters

Model ZYLS-75 ZYLS-80 ZYLS-90
Screw L/D 30:1 30:1 30:1
Gearbox model 200 200 200
Main motor 22kw 22/30kw 30/37kw
Capacity (kgs/h) 80-100kgs 100-125kgs 125-140kgs
Mould Dia. 200 200 200
Filament Dia. 0.18-2.5mm 0.18-2.5mm 0.18-2.5mm

Machine Line General Configuration List


Machine Name


Single screw extruder


Die head + spinnerets


Water trough calibration system


Tensile unit


Hot water tank


Tensile unit


Oil coating machine


Winding machine


Calibration oven


1. Raw material can be 100% recycled PET bottle flakes.

2. Machine line design with mature technology.

3. Production process with mature technology support.

4. Top quality filament assurance.

5. Leading position in this field

6. Worldwide clients with good reputation

7. Win-win cooperation with all our partners


** House floor cleaning broom, sanitation broom, road cleaning broom, garden cleaning broom, various kinds sweeper etc.
** Floor cleaning brush, tableware brush, clothes cleaning brush, car cleaning brush, fruit&vegetable cleaning brush, shoe cleaning brush, milk bottle brush, chimney cleaning brush, polish brush, toilet brush, snow sweeper brush etc.

20. Filament

19. Broom brush

>>PET broom filament making machine

Filament extruder
Filament extruder tank
Filament Machine Oil Coating machine
Cooling water tank
Filament Machine Rollers
Filament winding machine
Filament machine rollers-5
Filament machine heating oven
Final calibration oven
1.2 PET broom filament making machine
1.1 PET broom filament making machine
PET broom bristle machine line1
PET broom bristle machine line3
PET broom bristle machine line2
PET broom bristle machine line5
Broom thread extruder machine

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  • Q: Are your company manufacturer or trading company?
    A: We are manufacturer.
    Q: Can we send sample for customizing the machine line?
    A: Yes, we will design and supply customized machines according to your samples.
    Q: Can we visit your factory to see runing production line?
    A: Yes, we can arrange you to see our runing production line to understand better of our machine line.
    Q: If we have any problem of the running machine line, how we solve it?
    A: We have comprehensive after-sales service policy which will help you to solve the problem in time.

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